2013 Wedding Predictions

Hi everyone, as I sit here in our nice warm office looking out at the snow-covered roads John and I are discussing the forthcoming year.  Naturally our conversation turns to weddings.  Just what will 2013 bring?

Of course we are talking about trends and trying to predict what will happen with our brides and grooms.  So here are a few of our predictions.

2013 Colours

If you are not aware of Pantone it is THE company best known for its Colour Matching System.  This worldwide company matches colours in everything from paint to printing to cars, well just about everything to do with colour. It is the industry standard.  So the Pantone Company has announced that the colour of the year for 2013 is EMERALD GREEN.

John and I are  expecting fashion designers to be using a lot more shades of green in their work in 2013.  This may then greatly influence brides in their choice of bridesmaid dresses and colours used in other parts of the wedding such as chair covers, cake and grooms colours.   GREEN is a fantastic colour because it is part of natures colour, crisp and clean, chic and earthy.  No two greens are alike.

We covered a wedding a couple of weeks ago (January 2013), the bridesmaids wore stunning sage green dresses.  See below.IMG_5589

But the Irish saying is that there are 40 shades of green and certainly just toward the end of last year we did shoot a wedding with a gorgeous shade of fluorescent green.  Fashion experts in the wedding industry predict 2013 will see an influence of green.


The Dress

Staying on the theme of colours brides will compliment their colours by sticking a neutral clean such as white or  ivory, making her stand out beautifully.

John and I feel that more brides will opt for the concept of a simple elegant dress.  Influences come from such things as Downton Abbey – just one of the many popular period drama TV programmes which displays that sexy, sophisticated vintage style (20’s, 30, 40’s etc) dresses.

It started to become popular in 2012 and will continue during 2013.  Don’t underestimate the influence of Kate Middletons lace dress.  Lace continues to add that splash of romance to the dress.  So simple, vintage, lace will continue to grow popular.  But lace can also be used on invitations, the cake and a lot more too.  Wedding Professionals predict a lot more use of  lace in 2013.


The Groom

Over the last couple of years John and I have noticed a lot more involvement by grooms in both the planning and preparation of the wedding.  A far cry from when we got married.  John just had to turn up having met in the bar with his best man and dad.  No longer are men being dragged around looking at bridesmaids dresses, they are taking an active interest in all parts of the wedding.  This will continue during 2013, especially with programmes such as “Don’t Tell the bride”, this gives them the confidence to show that they can organise a wedding.

Themes and Romance

Our sage green wedding a couple of weeks ago was based on the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  This had great meaning to the bride.  It was unique to her and her groom.  It provided an element of fun, joy and happiness throughout the whole day.

Over the last couple of years John and I have seen a gradual increase in couples ensuring that their weddings have meaning to them.  Naturally not all have a theme such as Narnia, but more simple things like preparing personal vows.  It makes sure that the day belongs to the couple in a special and unique way.  We think this will continue, not because its trendy, but because it comes from the heart and is real.

Of course there is also the case that the variety of venues (Zoos, Stately Homes, Barns, Pubs etc) being licensed to perform marriage ceremonys adds to that ability to offer unique and themed weddings.  This is exciting for John and I as we travel throughout the country.  2012 saw us shooting weddings from Cathedrals, to the Beach, Stately Homes and Celebrity Restaurants , this is one reason why  we are passionate about our jobs.

The Recession

Well will people spend less?  Experts disagree on this. Some say couples will spend more, others say they will spend less and keep it simple.  Us?  We just think that people have different budgets.  Those with a little less will cut back and use DIY in various areas if they can.

More often than not the wedding photography is the least of their concern and is the bottom of their list.  But it’s our job to try to educate couples as to the benefits of engaging full-time professional photography services, such as we supply.


We have shot weddings where couples are using Skype to invite guests to virtually attend weddings.  The use of social media continues to grow.  Apps for planning and preparation are appearing and we predict this use of technology will explode in 2013.

In conclusion John and I are excited about 2013.  As full-time professional photographers it’s a real privilege  to be involved in the wedding industry.  Sure it’s really tough trying to get business.  But we love it, we are passionate about our clients and their images.  With 30 confirmed weddings this year,  it’s going to be a great year for us.

Until next time, stay warm and if you are snowed in, build a snowman!


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