Holland Hall Wedding Photography Lancashire

Over the past few weeks Marie and I have been very busy with our wedding photography business.  Our wedding photography has had us travelling throughout Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool.  So much so we have fallen behind with our blogs and post as we endeavour  to stay on top of endless image processing and album designs and orders.  But we love it!

Back in April we attended and shot the wedding of Heather & Anthony.  The whole day took place at the Holland Hall Hotel Lancashire. 

An excellent venue for your wedding it is a place that we have visited numerous times, both in a professional and personal capacity.

You will see from the small selection of images below that Heather, Anthony and their families were a joy to work with. Their natural fun suits our easy and relaxed approach to wedding photography.

During the ceremony Heather & Anthony performed a sand ritual as an expression of their love to each other.  The image below shows how they each poured a vase of sand into a larger vessel.  Certainly something we had not seen before.

And another thing we hadn’t seen at a wedding – a belly dancer.  We had just loaded our gear when we were told that there was a surprise organised by our groom, Anthony – a belly dancer. Great fun all of the girls were up dancing with her.

I will try my best to keep you updated as to where we are up to with our wedding photography.  This coming Saturday we are off to shoot a wedding in Grassmere Cumbria, the heart of the Lake District.  Looking forward to it, provided it doesn’t rain.

T-77 T-60

008 032 088 116 132 185 204 319 332 400 421 432

And a dance with dad!


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