Pre Wedding Shoot at Luther King House & Lancashire Manor Hotel

Last weekend Marie and I did two pre wedding shoots.  On Saturday we travelled to Manchester to Luther King House and met up with Kate & Felicity.  They are getting married  in 4 weeks time and having their reception at Luther King House. Not only is it a hotel and theological college, it has a special significance for Felicity.  Her grandfather was one of the founder members of the college.

You can see that they are very much a couple in love and were great fun to be with.  We are hoping that by the time their wedding comes around the trees and flowers are beginning to blossom and flower, providing extra colour and beauty to the images.

IMG_7061 IMG_7086 IMG_7088IMG_7098 IMG_7118 bwIMG_7079

The following day we didn’t have to travel far, infact we could have walked to the Lancashire Manor Hotel as it’s only 10 minutes away from home.  This is a fantastic venue to get married at and we know from experience the food is very good.  The Manor is made of locally sourced stone which provides a great textured background.  We met up with Laura & Matt who are getting married this May.  Unfortunately the weather was against us, but we got some lovely shots inside the great hall.  It’s a pity the weather was cold as the gardens are quite pretty.  Another couple very much in love – must be something in the air – and good fun too.

IMG_7170 IMG_7179 IMG_7215 (4)IMG_7222 IMG_7221IMG_7197bw IMG_7188 IMG_0009

Marie and I have two weddings to shoot this week.  First we are off to the Lake District, again!    The second wedding is in Stockport.  We are just hopeing the weather is fine for both couples.  We’ll keep you all updated, have a great week.

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