Wedding Photographer 30 James Street Liverpool

Recently we had the good fortune to photograph the wedding of Lisa & Kevin, all held at the Signature Hotel, 30 James Street Liverpool

As a local wedding photographer it was a privilege to shoot this wedding at this illustrious Liverpool Hotel.  Known as the Home of the Titanic, because the White Star First Class Travellers gathered here before the were ushered off to their ocean going liners.  The hotel is themed on various ocean going liners, with a floor dedicated to different ships.

On the very top of the Hotel is a bar with great views over Liverpool. Inside lovely details of bygone days paying tribute to ocean going lines and the White Star Line.  On the right, the Hotel Reception’s floor is dedicated to the Titanic.

Our lovely bride at the foot of the stairs inside the Hotel 30 James Street.

Lisa – our bride gave one of the best and funniest speeches that I have ever heard.

Lisa & Kevin having great fun on the Dance Floor at 30 James Street. Great music, great people, great day.  It was a hard day because this wedding coincided with the last day of the Giants in Liverpool – thousands of people everywhere!!

Finally I would just add that 30 James Street Hotel does have a lot of interesting events going on, from Mobs & molls Afternoon tea to Cilla Tributes.  I know that Marie & I will be giving it a visit soon.

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