Twighlight Wedding Leasowe Castle

One of our last weddings of 2015 took place at Leasowe Castle – a superb wedding venue. Situated the banks of the River Mersey opposite the Liverpool Water Front, it attracts clients from both Liverpool and the Wirral.

As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer it is one of the venues that I have wanted to work at for a while.

Before the wedding we had a planning meeting with our bride and groom, Nikki & Stuart. The idea of the meeting is to discuss their needs, likes and dislikes in terms of wedding photography. Marie and I also researched the venue with a site visit. Discussing options and ideas for shots.  The planning and research is always an important part as it enables us to work very quickly so that our newly weds can relax and enjoy their day with family and friends.

It was always going to be a difficult wedding to shoot as Leasowe Castle have a “Twighlight Wedding”.  It starts at 5.0pm -so it was dark from the outset, and photographers need light.  Which is OK with us as we have the equipment and skills to get the best possible images in darkness. But what we couldn’t account for was hurricane Amy.  

On the lawn in front of the castle is a gorgeous gazebo. Usually a must get iconic shot to get in the evening with the bride and groom.  It was one of the images we had discussed with our couple.

Despite the hurricane I decided set up some off camera lights to be triggered by radio. But in all honesty the rain was heavy, the wind was very strong and it was freezing.  No way did I ever expect bride and groom to come out. But just in case I set up my gear. It was more like being on a wildlife shoot than a wedding. Here is the gazebo – of course a nice bride and groom would have made the image more interesting!   Our philosophy at Sophie -A Photography – is to relax, go with the flow, just putting our clients, their families and friends first.  After all we are the outsiders.

All said and done Leasowe castle is an interesting wedding venue , with a lot of history, with a lot of scope and opportunity for some great images.  I would love to go back on another day and get outside. Here are a couple of images of the day.



funny faces at the wedding in Leasowe Castle


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