Informal and fun Wedding Photography at Peckforton Castle Cheshire

Very relaxed, informal and fun was the brief we were given by Anna & Dean.

So on a  glorious summers day a few weeks ago we traveled to Peckforton Castle In Cheshire.  A superb wedding venue.

As Anna & Dean didn’t want any formal or traditional shots, we found ourselves dancing along to the rhythms of the band whilst working our way around the guests throughout the day getting exactly what Anna and Dean asked for, informal and relaxed shots.  We enjoyed the music and the day just as much as the guests!

Often wedding photographers forget that it’s not about them but it’s about their clients enjoying their wedding day.  Whilst we did see great opportunities for stunning photographs, it would have meant taking Anna & Dean away from their guests for a short time and they just didn’t want that.  They wanted completely relaxed, informal and reportage style. We were more than happy to oblige with their wishes.

Anna & Dean were thrilled when they saw their photographs a few days ago.  They told us that they can’t remember most of the images being taken and had a wonderful day. They said we had done exactly what they had asked for and thanked us for being so chilled and mixing in with everyone and being very unobtrusive. We were happy we had stuck to the brief. This short video highlights some of the images.  Hopefulyl you get  a flavour of this special wonderful day.

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