Cresta Court Hotel Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of capturing the wedding of Amy & Stuart.  Their ceremony took place in the beautiful historic church of St. Werburgh’s Church in the Village of Warburton. There are actually two churches in the village, the older one dating back to the 13th Century and the one where the ceremony took place only to 1883.

001- Amy & Stuart 023- Amy & Stuart

As you can see the sun shone on the day though it had been raining the previous few days. This did not dampen the spirits of family and friends who attended.  Below a relaxed looking Stuart waiting for Amy to arrive.

031- Amy & Stuart

Amy arrives with John, her Grandpa she was beaming radiantly throughout the day. And as you can see this lovely church was a perfect setting.

150- Amy & Stuart 162- Amy & Stuart 163- Amy & Stuart 180- Amy & Stuart

Following a short photoshoot with families at the church , we stopped at Denzel Gardens for a short time with the bridal party.  It boasts a small pond and beautiful grounds.  Just the sort of place to relax for a few minutes before getting to the party.

251- Amy & Stuart 319- Amy & Stuart 317- Amy & Stuart 272- Amy & Stuart 266- Amy & Stuart 287- Amy & Stuart 265- Amy & Stuart 263- Amy & Stuart

There are always opportunities for extra shots, given the time!  Amy & Stuart about to leave the Gardens in their vintage Rolls Royce. Vehicles supplied Horgans Limousines.  Their driver was very obliging and a thorough gentleman. We managed to get lots of variety with the car.

340- Amy & Stuart

We arrived in good time at the Cresta Court Hotel in Altrincham.  Staff were on hand, very professional and courteous throughout.  The room and food was excellent.  They had two weddings on that day but the Cresta Court Staff were brilliant.

438- Amy & Stuart 362- Amy & Stuart 368- Amy & Stuart 380- Amy & Stuart

Finally we would like to thank you to Amy, Stuart, their families and friends who made us feel very welcome.  Thanks for all of your kind words.

Marie & John

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