Rowton Castle Wedding Photography

There is no doubt that the Wedding industry is year round and not just a summer or spring occasion.  In November we were in Shrewsbury then after a short break away in Yorkshire, we came back on Boxing day ready for a wedding the following day at Lancashire Manor.

In November we stayed over night in Shrewsbury ready for the wedding of Jacqui & Ben a great couple from Liverpool, who got married in Rowton Castle. What a beautiful venue, a magnificent building set in 16 acres dating back 800 years and rumour has it, it’s haunted.

Full of fun and energy, the friends and family of Ben & Jacquie tired us out on what was, a very long but enjoyable day.  They never seemed to tire at all.  Must be me getting old!  I don’t think the staff of Rowton Castle really knew what hit them.  However, they were professional and willing to help.  Here are some images of the day.

castle2 133___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 002___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 (1) 063 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14 087 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14

While the boys enjoy themselves, Jacquie gets ready…

149___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 152___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 163___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 165___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 123 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14

A joyous occassionm, Jacquie had asked us to video her ceremony, which we also did.

088 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14 259___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 328___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 307 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14 325 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14

As I have said, great people, great fun….

6G0A0769 415___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14 422 - Rowton Castle 27 -11-14 355___Rowton_Castle_27__11_14


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