McDonald Portal Hotel Tarporley Cheshire

A beautiful September day saw us back at the splendid McDonlad Portal Hotel near Tarporley Cheshire for the wedding of Caroline & Richard.

Their ceremony took place in the Frodsham Merthodist Church, in the village of Frodsham Cheshire.6G0A6836 6G0A7002 6G0A6999

The church was crowded, with lots of the children who Caroline teaches turning up to see “Miss” in her beautiful gown.

The weather held and following their service we set off to the hotel for their reception.  The McDonlad Portal Hotel does have fantastic grounds for photo opportunities, such as the waterfall.  The staff are also very and friendly toward the photographers, so in some respects it was a relaxed day for us.

As you can see from some of the images below Caroline and Richard are great fun.  They required no prompting, they are just two crazy fun people.

6G0A72096G0A7495 IMG_0628b IMG_0638_copy



Richard is heavily involved with scout work and a lot of his close friends from the scouts were at the wedding. They guys on the accordion (complete surpise for Richard), and the ‘strange’  one legged dance – not sure if that’s some form of initiation, they all understood what was going on I just took the picture. Richard gets a 10 from Len for his dance.

6G0A7488 6G0A7616


You can see the joy in Caroline and her mum just after the first dance


Well all in all a great day again.


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