Tilleymints Ice Cream Cycle Hire

The tilleymint ice cream bike is a great feature at many weddings.  However thats just the tip of the iceberg.  The last couple of days the bike has visited Wigan railway station, as part of Virgin Trains Pop Shops Concept and Fir Tree farm in Lancashire.  On Friday they were at Wigan Railway Station.  The tilleymint ice cream bike had been invited as part of Virgin trains ‘pop up shops‘.  A concept that involves small local businesses.  It was cool to talk with all the  different people and see we’re they were off to.  From visiting relatives in Scotland to attending a Viking soirée in Newcastle, a really interesting day. And a couple of visitors from Austin Texas, passing through to Liverpool.

 The nest day they were at Fir Tree Farm in Lancashire.  A regular food and craft Fayre is held the 3rd Saturday each month.  The farm has wonderful walks and sites, including alpacas to see.

 Selling their ice cream goes down a treat for tired and weary feet (almost a poem!).


Heres a link to their latest video blog www.tilleymint.co.uk/blog/2014/5/wigan-train-station


Enjoy.  We are now off to a photoshoot in Walton Park Warrington.

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