Astley Bank Hotel Wedding Lancashire

A couple of weeks ago we covered the wedding of  Catherine & David at St Wilfrids Church in Standish then off to the Astley Bank Hotel in Darwen.  Despite the damp weather it was a joyous occasion, Catherine looked beautiful along with her lovely bridesmaids.

We arrived at the church early as parking in Standish is always difficult, especially on a Saturday. Catherine arrived in a Rolls Royce, provided by an uncle and she had plenty of onlookers (most hiding in the doorway out of the rain until she arrived) all there to give her their best wishes. She was so happy, she never stopped smiling all day.



Dad looked so proud of his daughter and had the important job of carrying the bouquet and keeping Catherine sheltered from the rain.




David, who lookd very handsome, arrived early with his groomsmen who all looked great and appeared quite relaxed.

6G0A0924 IMG_9472


Following the ceremony we headed off to Astley Bank about 45 minutes away.  John and I had our Christmas lunch there so we can vouch for the food and surroundings both excellent.

IMG_0152 6G0A1237 6G0A1093 6G0A1062

The weather just could not make up its mind, with showers interrupting the photo opportunities.  Still we managed to get some beautiful shots of Catherine and David and their families and bridal party.

They had to be up bright and early the next day to catch a flight to Australia! but this didn’t stop them enjoying the themselves.

6G0A1300 6G0A1265

6G0A1447 6G0A1443

A lovely couple and a great day. We wish them every happyness.

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