Norcliffe Chapel & Etrop Grange Hotel Wedding Photography

Well Marie and I have been very busy the past few weeks, what with weddings and setting up our new Ice Cream business.  Therefore we have not had much time to keep on top of our blogs.

A  couple of weeks ago we had the great honour of shooting the wedding of Louise and Steve.  The actual ceremony took place in the beautiful Norcliffe Chapel in the gorgeous village of Styal, not far from Manchester airport.  The Chapel has been in existence since 1823 and can only be described as quaint.

It was the hottest day of the year, which on the one hand cheers everyone up, but on the other can be quite uncomfortable in the sun with little shade.  Once again we enjoyed ourselves as we were made to feel most welcome by both the families of Louise & Steve.

Following the ceremony and a family shoot around the Norcliffe Chapel we  then moved onto their reception at The Etrop Grange Hotel .  A good hotel but very busy with guests staying over from the airport.

Here are a few images from the day.  Just before we left for the ceremony, Louise, who looked stunning, with her bridesmaids and mum, outside mum’s house in front of her favourit rose bush which was a present on her wedding day. Mum made us a packed lunch for the journey which was most appreciated as it took about 45 minutes to get there.

IMG_5361 IMG_5276 IMG_5286

Arrival at the chapel in styal and in Style …………. there is a bit of a walk from the Lychgate to the Chapel.

6G0A0108 6G0A0130

Steve arrives with the boys.6G0A0101

Inside the chapel, Dad walking Louise down the aisle.   We were only allowed to shoot from the back of the chaple and without flash.

6G0A0148 6G0A0157 6G0A0175 IMG_5427

A couple of shots around the village before we leave for the reception ……..

IMG_5524 6G0A0274 IMG_5490 6G0A0264 6G0A0321 IMG_5516

Only joking, everything was OK with the car, but it shows that Louise and Steve have a great sense of humour and up for a bit of fun.  Outside the Etrop Grange Hotel.

IMG_5530 IMG_5643

A good day, Marie & I enjoyed ourselves.

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