Devere Village Hotel Cheadle

A couple of weeks ago we had the great pleasure of shooting the wedding of Claire & Lee at the Devere Village Hotel in Cheadle Manchester.  Shortly after we arrived at Claire home for her preperation images a maginificent horse and carriage arrived – this was a complete surpise for her – and one that brought out a few tears.

The ceremony took place in the simple – but beautiful church of St Chads.  Following the ceremony it was a short 10 minute horse and carriage ride to the Devere Village Hotel Cheadle for the reception.  It’s quite a busy hotel being so close to the airport – but everyone was friendly shouting out their congratualtions to Claire & Lee.

Once again we were blessed by a couple who also looked after our needs as much as we tried to look after them.  Everyone was friendly and patient.  It was an honour to have participated in their wedding.  Here are a few shots from the day.

6G0A0061 6G0A0137 6G0A0179 6G0A0244IMG_49746G0A0392 6G0A0499 6G0A0510 6G0A0486 6G0A0600 6G0A0739sepia 6G0A0783

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