Heskin Hall Wedding Photography

I love my job.  Not only do I get to work with Marie and take part in the wedding celebrations with some great people, Marie and I also get to see  fab wedding venues.  The North of England is blessed with some fantastic Halls, Manor Houses, Statley Homes and Churches, and Heskin Hall  (Click on Heskin Hall for further info),near Chorely is one of those great venues.

Quite close to home, Marie & I arrived at Heskin Hall on a beautiful sunny morning to meet our groom, Chris.  The sign at the entrance was made by Chris and the boys! closely supervised by his bride to be, Hannah.


Hannah got ready in the beautiful Park Hall Hotel just a 2 minute drive from Heskin Hall. Hannah has real creative streak in her, and is passionate about her own style. Here you can see that she has decorated her shoes with Peacock feathers, very eye-catching.


As we were about to leave the hotel for the wedding ceremony I couldn’t resist the deep red walls in the hotel bar area – a great background to really show off Hannah’s dress and hat.


We got some great images with the girls by the lake, before we set off to Heskin Hall.   Here is Hannah with her bridesmaids ………………… and her “best women” ……….

IMG_3742 IMG_3750 IMG_3776

Our groom looking relaxed waiting for Hannah to arrive.  We had met Chris & Hanna a few months ago for their pre shoot and realised then that Chris is very laid back. Here he is with just 5 minutes to go before he sees his future wife, relaxed and laughing.  The room was lovely, full of antiques including a knights armour.


Hannah arriving with dad in his car.  Shortly afterward both of them enter the ceremony room to a waiting Chris.


The bridal party having fun on the lawn, what the boys are going to do with Chris goodness knows!

IMG_4054 IMG_4069 IMG_4080

Hannah & Chris laughing at the bestmans speech – you can see him in the mirror behind our newly weds.


Chris & Hannah having a few moments. Chris was admiring his cuff links, a present from Hannah.

IMG_4086 IMG_4151

Finally what were these two little boys looking at?  Who knows, but something grabbed their attention.


We really enjoyed our day with Chris, Hannah and their family & friends.  The weather was fantastic which always makes for a perfect day.

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