Egerton House Wedding Photography

Saturday was a glorious day for the wedding of Emma & Gavin.  Marie & I travelled to the Egerton House Hotel near Bolton for their wedding.  As usual we started with our bride Emma, who was really quite relaxed and chilled throughout the whole day.  There was no chaos, just a sea of calm when we met her getting ready in her room at the hotel.  Shortly after we arrived, Emma received a note from husband to be Gavin.  Obviously something within the note tickled her and she wasn’t telling us what that was.IMG_3243

Within a short space of time Emma was ready, here she is with mum and dad, and in a playful mood and also her bridesmaids Sarah (sister) and Carrie (friend).  Don’t they look great.

IMG_3308 IMG_3319

The hotel has a beautiful converted barn just a short walk from the hotel, a fantastic setting for the ceremony, with stone walls high ceiling and wooden beams.  It’s wide enough for the bride to make a grand entrance and  and just the right length.  The only thing was that from a photography perspective it was very dark and no flash was allowed during the ceremony, this provides a challenging environment in which to capture good images.  But that’s what we get paid for.  Marie and I are experienced in working in this type of venue as most registrars ask us not to use flash.  Here Gavin could not resist turning around to see Emma enter the room.  The image below that is just after the ceremony had finished and they were walking back down the aisle.

IMG_3339 IMG_3455

Gavin and a few of the boys relaxing after the formalities on a beautiful sunny day.


Gavin grabs a quick shot of Emma before heading off to their reception.

IMG_3490 IMG_3505

One thought on “Egerton House Wedding Photography

  1. Beautiful! We love the memories you captured for us, and thank you for squeezing in as many formal ones as you could in the short space of time that we had. Emma & Gav

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