Houghwood Golf Club & Leyland Golf Club Weddings

Well folk’s, we continue to be busy with our weddings.  The past two Saturdays has seen us at The Houghwood Golf Club for the marriage of Lara & Paul and Leyland Golf Club for the marriage of Tracey & Graham.

And what contrasting weather!  For the wedding at Houghwood Golf Club it rained for most of the day, proving very difficult to get many outdoor shots.   Although the ceremony took place at the Golf Club we all then went to the Holy Trinity Church at Ashton In Makerfield  for a blessing.  So Lara got to walk down the aisle twice!

Because of the poor weather we set up off camera flash, triggered by radio to provide light. We often overlook how beautiful a church is to capture some images.  Once you have overcome the lighting difficulties that churches can provide, the colours of stained glass windows and flowers enhance the sense of peace and serenity. Below you will see some of the images at the altar after the blessing.

First a couple of images before we left, you can see that everyone was relaxed.

IMG_1940 IMG_2274 IMG_2308

A couple of shots from the golf club.  Our groom Paul waiting for Lara, everyone turns to see how beautiful she looked.


You can see the drizzle on the floor, just a quick shot with dad before shes goes in.


A couple of images from inside the church.

IMG_2434 IMG_2424

Back to the golf club for their reception and a bit of blackjack and roulette!

IMG_2221 IMG_2690

So despite the poor weather everyone seems to have had fun.

Next stop Leyland Golf Club. The weather was perfect for Tracey & Graham’s wedding at Leyland Golf Club.  However, there was a golf tournament on and we were asked by the staff to respect the golfers and not to make too much noise! We were also restricted to taking photos in one particular spot and it had to be in between the golfers teeing off.  This was not an ideal spot as they sun was right in everyone’s face, we managed to have a laugh about it with the guests and got some nice shots.  Apparently Leyland golf club has tournaments most weekends at this time of the year! Something to bear in mind if you or anyone you know, are thinking of having an event of any kind there.

Still despite poor weather and restrictions we had a great time at both venues and as photographers you just have to get on with whatever is thrown at you and do your best.

Tracey & Graham have asked us not to publish any images onto the blog, which of course we will respect and understand.  Enjoy.

We are out twice this weekend.  Hopefully the weather will pick up, as I write it’s pouring down.

John & Marie

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