St Johns Church & The Dunkenhalgh Hotel

Saturday morning we set off to meet Annaleis & Iain at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel in Clayton-Le Moors. They had stayed there the night before the wedding with some of their family and friends. We met up with Annaleis and her bridesmaids, Heather and her beautiful 3 year old daughter Charlie-Marie.IMG_8138IMG_8154IMG_8147IMG_8128IMG_8176

After getting some lovely detail shots we went off to meet with the boys who all looked fantastic in their Kilts. Iain’s family are scottish and Annaleis was keen to have some of the family tartan play a part in their special day.  You can see this in her beautiful dress and bouquet.IMG_8089IMG_0025IMG_8104

The ceremony took place a short ride away in St Johns Church, Accrington. we did something that we have not done before.  Straight after the ceremony, Annaleis & Iain had their baby boy, Shane baptised. And as the priest said “This was a 2 for 1 deal” ha ha! They even had two priests Father John married them and their friend Father Simon baptised Shane.IMG_8264IMG_8284IMG_8280

After a few family shots outside the church, we headed off to the Dunkenhalgh Hotel for the reception. John & I had stayed at this hotel over 15 years ago and it’s still as lovely as ever. A great wedding venue.

After getting the all important family & friend shots we spent some time with the happy couple, although it was sunny it was so cold.  Annaleis was running on the excitment of the day she didn’t feel the cold.IMG_8360IMG_8384

Aftet the reception we got some shots of all the men in Kilts including little baby Shane, who looked great and was a happy little boy all day. We had a really lovely day along with all of the guest who had travelled from America, Belgium and Luxenburg.IMG_0332IMG_8420IMG_0343IMG_0355

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