Castle Green Hotel Kendal Wedding Photography

What a glorious start to spring.  Marie and I were a little apprehensive as we drove up to Kendal – gateway to the English Lake District, on Friday the 1st of March.  The Lake District is known for it’s natural beauty but it rains there a lot.  We were going to shoot the wedding of Laura & Kieran, a young couple from St Helens but now settled in the Lake District.  Kieran has his own forestry business and yes he’s heard all the lumberkack jokes and songs!

The Castle Green Hotel is a perfect venue to get married.  Nestled in the hills on the outskirts of Kendal, it has great views out toward the lake district and the coast.

Kieran & Laura chose earthy colours as their colour theme, reflecting their love of nature. Marie and I predicted a couple of blogs ago that green being the 2013 colour of choice by designers would be chosen more often by brides. The image below shows Kate Lauras bridesmaid in forest green.  The choice of the flowers reflects a strong Scotish connection with the blue thistle.  Both her parents are Scotish but live in England.



We arrived early to get the all important preperation images in Laura”s room.  Here she is with Mum and Dad.  They all looked lovely and were in a great mood laughing throughout the day.

IMG_6390 IMG_6394IMG_6355

Lauara with Dad just before she becomes the new Mrs Anders – her last shot as a single girl.


We caught up with Kieran and his family, who were in the room next door. We made sure he didn’t bump into Laura before the ceremony.  Kieran looked very handsome and was very chilled.


Following the ceremony we managed to get some great casual shots of the boys.

Here are the happy couple taking a little time out and the weight off their feet in a small building hidden within the gardens.  Kieran tells me that the building is called a Folly.


The strong Scotish family connections in full view.  A lot of Laura’s family had travelled down from Scotland to celebrate with her.  You can see there was a variety of colours in the kilts. No doubt all have some family name to each of the different tartans.  They do look rather splendid.


As luck would have it the rain kept off and occassionaly the sun popped out.  Though it did remain a little cool.  Nevertheless it did provde us with the opportunity to get some final shots on the balcony of the  hotel as the sun set over the Irish Sea.  It was a long day and Marie and I thouroughly enjoyed ourselves with Laura and Keiran.


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