St Marks Church and The Masonic Hall Katie and Jonathan

We arrived at Katie’s house a couple of hours before she was due to leave for the church.  We got some beautiful detail and lovely portrait shots of Katie, her bridesmaids and Katie with her brother Danny, who walked her down the aisle.


Katie looked fantastic, we had been told that her dress was big, and as you can see, it was.

When we arrived at the church it was still fairly light. John got some shots of Jonathan and the grooms men while I got some of the guests arriving.

As Katie arrived it was starting to get a little dark and very cold.

After the ceremony, the family and bridal party shots had to be done inside the church as it was too dark outside.  Alsion, the vicar was very helpful.

From the church we headed over to the Masonic Hall in Ashton Under-Lyne. There were over 100 guests at the church and as it was a late ceremony the evening reception started as soon as Katie & Jonathan arrived.

We spent a little more time with Katie & Jonathan before we left and got some beautiful evening shots.  It was really cold by this time but neither of them seemed to notice.  We had a great day with Katie, Jonathan, their family and friends and really enjoyed photographing a lovely couple. x

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