Australia Week 5

Well it’s been a funny old week. Once again Marie and I are back in the thick of it helping Mark with his house. This time it’s moving tons and tons of sand, digging out and back filling his front garden because he has just had a retaining wall built. We do have the photographs and evidence to prove that this 6 week trip to Australia was all about Mark and his house!

He did give us one day off. So Marie and I took the opportunity to go on a wine tasting day in the Swan Valley. It included a trip to a brewery and a chocolate factory …. Heaven for both of us. It was short lived though.

The next day saw Marie, Mark, Lorraine and I up very early. We were covering the wedding of Jake & Melissa. This was a real long day, Lorraine & I covered the brides preparation while Mark and Marie had the easy task of covering the groom at their hotel in central Perth.

You can see that Melissa looked gorgeous from the following images. The house was very dark so I had to use the technique of off camera flash, and also bounced it over my right shoulder. I had also metered to allow some of the ambient light in. The result means no harsh shadows .Overall the technique is to give soft , even and directional lighting that flatters the bride.

I won’t talk show any of the boys prep shots because Marie & Mark had time for coffee and a muffin at the local café! Not working hard enough I say.

Meanwhile after we had finished with Melissa, Lorraine and I had an hours car journey to the church, the wonderful St Georges Cathedral in Perth.

We have lots and lots of shots of the ceremony. We were not allowed to use flash in this very dark church, so a high ISO was needed to allow some of the ambient light to spill into the image. Also we were very restricted as to movement, so the long lens had to come out. Still a nice moment captured. Here’s an example.

Melissa and Jake had a large bridal party. And together we went and spent about 90 minutes taking shots of them in a local Perth Park and on the banks of the Swan River. You can see from this shot that the wind was getting up. What you can’t see are 3 other brides waiting to get on the jetty with their photographers. So it was a quick grab shot only.

We then went of to the Forrest centre in the business district of Perth for the reception and dinner. Because Mark provides a DJ service we were their till after midnight, followed by an hours drive home. This is a shot of the happy couple just before the end.

Marie and I have one more wedding to cover on Thursday. It’s a small affair but the weather at the moment is more like the UK. We are hoping that it will pick up for Thursday.

Marie & I would like to thank Melissa, Jake & their respective families for making us feel so welcome at such an important family event.  We enjoyed our day with them, as did Lorraine & Mark.

This time next week we will be back in the UK ……………………… for a rest!!!

Catch you in a couple of days


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