Week 3 Australia

Friday the 16th of March saw Marie, Mark & I,  back at Munja Gardens for the wedding of Kylie & Paul.  It was a low key affair so Lorraine decided to use the day to catch up with her own work at home.  It had been another hectic week, Mark the slave driver had us all run off our feet working on his new house.  But it’s now taking shape.

It was obvious at the wedding rehersal a few days earlier that Kylie & Paul are very much in love.  It was difficult to stop them kissing each other!

Anyway here are Mark and I working.  Mark is on the video, I have the male pattened baldness starting.

Marie & I are not used to the beautiful soft light you have here in Australia, it makes gorgeous images at the right time of day.  As you can see on some of the images we backlighted the couple with that golden sunshine.  Still the sunlight brings it’s own challeges from a technical viewpoint and it’s great to work out solutions to those problems.

Munja Gardens is a fantastic location and the three of us had a great time with Kylie & Paul. We had a nice meal and the whole wedding wasn’t as long as the previous two. Mark was not doing his DJ service this time.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the shots from the day…





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