A Winner in Gretna Green

Great news……., the following image won the July 2011 photograph of the month in the This is Wedding Photography Directory. Click the blue text  to go to This is wedding Photography

This image is of Elaine & Pip whose wedding we covered in Gretna Green. They were married in the ‘Old Smithy’.  Elaine looked fantastic in her 50’s style dress, and the shot reminds me of a Audrey Hepburn type pose.

It was the first time we had been to Gretna Green to cover a wedding and it was a great day for us, although a bit strange as there was only “the runaway’s” and no guests.

Gretna Green romanticises marriage and was a great place to work.  For more images of this wedding click this link.

We hope to cover more weddings in Gretna in the future.  I must admit this was my favourite shot of the day.

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